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to Potter USA's tools!

Limited seating, each class will
be limited to  4 students!

Dates and times TBA

Potter USA Hydraulic Press and Accessories
"Step-by-Step & How To"

Don't miss this fun and informative           

                            Demo Class
 Potter USA's Tools and Equipment!

In this class, Joni Kisro will demo
Potter USA's various tools and equipment.
Joni will go over all the do's and don'ts on how
to use Potter USA's hydraulic press accessories.
She will demonstrate the proper way to put your
metal in the pancake dies and what gauges are
best for each size of the dies and receive a hand
out on the do's and don'ts for the hydraulic press.
She will demo the impression dies, s
ilhouette dies,
patterned plates, how to form your cuff bracelet
in the bracelet forming kit in the hydraulic press,
and use the bracelet bender