Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio
Jewelry making and metalsmith classes
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Tucson, Arizona

Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio LLC

                                                                                                               by Joni Kisro


Get Hammered
                   Metalsmith Studio                       

                                           by Joni Kisro

The jewelry making studio is equipped for 6 students.
Tools and equipment are provided for use in every class!

Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio Classes


Jewelry Instructor    Assistant Instructor
Joni Kisro                     Tom Kisro

Joni Kisro has been a silversmith for 40 years!
Teaches jewelry making classes, beginning and intermediate silversmith and metalsmith workshops in Tucson, soldering, torch enameling, delft clay casting, hydraulic press classes, fold forming, metal stamp techniques on sterling silver and copper...

Joni has been making jewelry since high school and became a silversmith at the age of 21. She's shown her jewelry at craft fairs in Colorado, California and Arizona.
She was a stay at home mom after adopting two amazing baby girls, so that gave her time to develop her jewelry making skills.
She works with a lot of different metals and different jewelry techniques.
She's been teaching
metalsmithing, chainmaille and many other jewelry making techniques for 20 years.

She also taught Chainmaille workshops for Rio Grande during the Gem Show and also demoed the Jump Ringer, jump ring cutting system for the late Ray Grossman at Rio Grande Catalog in Motion during the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show for 15 years.

Now she's the proud owner and creator of
Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio LLC where she teaches metalsmithing, silversmithing, etching, torch enameling, delft clay casting, chainmaille and much more.