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                                                                                         YouTube videos made by Joni Kisro


Hi, I'm Joni Kisro
I'll begin by telling you how I got started making videos.
I became a silversmith when I was 21, so I've been a silversmith "officially" 40 years. I started making chainmaille about 20 years ago.
I loved it so much that I started teaching chainmaille classes and made my first and only video at that time called How to: Solder Sterling Silver!
I was very shy, extremely nervous and it shows!
My daughter's friend came over and put it up on YouTube for me.
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to remove it from YouTube, too funny!

In June of 2015, I was working for Kevin Potter at Potter USA and he said
that I should make more videos!
I started out making the videos at my home, then rented a small studio near
Potter USA. I made several videos (still very nervous) for Potter USA.
My daughter Brianna did all the filming, editing and uploaded them to YouTube.
Brianna is working full time for Potter USA, so now I do all of that by myself.
I'm not working for Potter USA anymore and I moved in to a much larger studio that I named Get Hammered Metalsmith Studio LLC.
I'm not as nervous as I used to be and I'm very excited to make more videos in the future.
I hope you enjoy them!

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In this video I'm taking you on a tour of my studio. 
I'm showing you some of the jewelry that I teach in my classes and the tools that are in the studio!

This is a great video if your going to be making jewelry using pancake dies in the hydraulic press.
I go over things such as, how important it is to make sure everything is centered in the press and most important what gauge metal to use!
I also tell you not to anneal your metal before
you cut it out with the pancake die, unless you do some texturing in between.